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New ProfilCut Q Diamond comes with approved cutting speed

 Friday, August 25, 2017

leitz newExpanding on the Leitz world-renowned ProfilCut Q profile insert system, ProfilCut Q Diamond is the first profile PCD insert system to accurately maintain diameter and profile. ProfilCut Q PCD is also the fastest diamond insert system, with approved cutting speeds of 120 meters/second, due in part to the Leitz proprietary safety locked inserts which cannot move under centrifugal forces. This advanced technical innovation begins with our state-of-the-art diamond cutting edge made from the hardest material on earth: polycrystalline diamond (PCD). The ProfilCut Q Diamond processes high-end and abrasive materials accurately with exact repeatability and no loss of performance.


Precisely located and secured PCD knives offer at least 20x the service life of carbide inserts, thereby reducing the consumption of this costly raw material. The enhanced service life provided by ProfilCut Q PCD inserts drastically improves production efficiency by reducing downtime due to tool changes and offers significant economic savings due to lower overall tooling-related expenses.


Tools such as ProfilCut Q Diamond, which offer constant profile and diameter, greatly reduce machine downtime due to tool changes and recalibration. The ability to produce 50% faster, due to higher allowable cutting speeds (120 meters/sec), reduces total machine and operator production costs.


Available in lightweight aluminum or steel design, ProfilCut Q PCD can be adapted for use with virtually any machine application.


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