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New Python XPR from CNC Factory

 Thursday, September 27, 2018

phyton-xprDesigned for factory profitability, speed and ease of use the Python boosts the latest innovations in CNC technology. No more back breaking lifting of material or stopping production to load or unload material with the robotic features its all done for woodworkers.


Bundled with the latest in CNC robotic technology and on site service including installation and factory training the Python will be the cornerstone to one’s production. The HSD 12HP spindle and Syntec robotic controller along with a rotary automated ATC 12-Tool carousal produces cutting speeds of over 1900 inches per minute and a rapid travel of 2800 inches per minute. The PYTHON will complete the long complex multi-tool tasks efficiently from one sheet manually loaded to 80 sheets automatically at a push of a button. The XPR series is designed for the new user-friendly standard with only 1 operator eliminating the physical attributes that go hand in hand with sheet fabrication.


The PYTHON XPR with Precision Cut includes the high efficiency 12-tool rapid rotary magazine on gantry with blazing fast tool changing under 5 seconds. From easy to complex processing tasks the latest rotary ATC will keep your operation efficient and at peak performance. The PYTHON XPR can be configured with an HSD drill block. HSD is the leading Italian company in the production of CNC independent spindle boring heads. The HSD boring upgrades for our CNC machines are available in a wide range of models with vertical and horizontal drills, spindles and cutting units. The use of pneumatically driven units with oval section pistons guarantees a 35% increase in thrust in the spindle lowering mechanism, compared to traditional units with a circular section and a production increase up to 30%. The PYTHON XPR is equipped with production saving robotic material loading and unloading arms. Never stop production to remove large and small parts or have to manually lift heavy sheets again. Now one can process 80 sheets per 8 hour shift and have the robotic loading and unloading arm to do the heavy work and increase production up to 80%. Once your parts are removed the vacuum chamber will remove any left over debris and your new sheet will be loaded.


With more than million CNC’s installed worldwide and over 30 years of experience, Syntec is the world leader in CNC automation. When somebody choose CNC Factory he/she gets more than just a CNC system. CNC Factory delivers an innovative solution that was developed to meet one’s needs. Their systems provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and the highest Mean Time Between Failure rate (up to 50 years) in the industry.


Python XPR features:
•    12HP HSD Spindle (1,000-24,000 RPM) ATC air cooled spindle
•    12 Position Rotary Tool Changer with 8 second tool changes (upgradable to 24)
•    Helical rack and pinion 1000 watt Delta servo drives on X and dual servo on Y axis. Ball screw on Z axis servo
•    Integrated safety spindle hood with automatic dust control housing
•    Syntec Industrial control center with hand held controller including USB and Ethernet file control
•    Pneumatic Pop-Up Pins for manual and automatic material placement
•    Precision Cut Speed 1900 inches per minute with 2800 inches rapid travel
•    Auto tool length sensor for automated tool measuring
•    Engineered 8-beam crossed braced table with moving gantry, Laser guided loading and unloading
•    Automated oil lubrication with built in zoning and performance alarms
•    Integrated dual layer high flow automated vacuum table



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