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New Table Shapers/Sanders from Voorwood

 Thursday, July 2, 2015

Voorwood presents some excellent qualities of table shapers and sanders. These products come with innovative features and advanced technologies. The features are:


a11thumbA11 Table-Shaper
• One shape station
• Quick-Change Spindles
• The fastest manually operated machine available
• Shape straight and curved parts
• Built-in tooling storage


A11 Table Shaper/Sander
• One shape station
• One standing station
• Quick-Change spindles
• The fastest manually machine available
• Shape and sand straight curved parts


A11 Table Sander
• Dual sanding station
• Quick-change spindles
• The fastest manually operated machine
• Shape and sand straight curved parts
• Built in tooling storage


A26thumbA26 Copping Shaper
• Two shaper spindles
• Up to three shaping tools stacked per spindles
• Cope up to seven 2-inch wide rails in one pass
• ‘Quick-change’ spindle
• Power feed
• Single-spindle version


A12thumb copyA12 Miter Lock Shaper
• Shapes meters from 90-150
• Use the same shaper for both sides of mitre-lock joint
• Digital readouts for repeatable setup
• Power feed in forward and reverse
• Adjustable feedrate to 50fpm

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