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New Task Groups Responsible to Tackle EPA Requirements and FPIS Installation

 Wednesday, April 1, 2015

logo-aamaTwo new task groups were created by the Wall Interface Council at the AAMA Annual Conference in February.


Sealants and Adhesives Environmental Advocacy Task Group

The window and door manufacturing industry, including its material suppliers, has been hard hit with new environmental regulations over recent years. In particular, material supplier providing anything chemical in nature, such as sealants, PVC, adhesives, coatings or preservatives are being asked to provide a wide variety of information spanning from Environmental Product Declaration 9EPD) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).


As a leader in the window and door manufacturing industry, AAMA has been very proactive in developing green criteria and credentials for end-use fabricators.


Feasibility Task Group for ROESE Materials

The draft Standard Practice for the Installation of Mounting Flange Windows into Worlds Utilizing Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) specifies the use of Rough Opening Extension Support Elements for two or three installation methods described. The ROESE – much like a picture frame – is built out form the sheathing to enabling window alignment with the exterior plane of the FPIS for ease of integration with cladding and/or WRB and to support the weight of the window.


However, the task group has not yet quantitatively defined what comprises “proper support for the window,” and as such, the default material utilized for ROESE is currently standard wood framing bucks. The goal of the Feasibility Task Group for ROESE Materials is to evaluate current industry best practices for defining “proper support” and determine if this can be applied to the ROESE concept, or if further structural testing for various window configurations and exposures is necessary

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