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Cefla and Weinig Holz-Her American Open House events date overlaps

 Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Cefla and Weinig Holz-Her are coinciding dates of hosting Open House events to maximize value to attendees. Both events are scheduled from April 22-24, 2020. Invitees include woodworking professionals from small-, mid-, and large-sized companies located across the United States and Canada. Both events, individually named CeflaLive Charlotte and Weinig Holz-Her’s Next Level 2020, will offer attendees a maximum return on time spent away from daily operations with emphasis on each company’s respective area of emphasis: surface enhancement and/or secondary processing.



Cefla and Weinig are opening their facility doors to allow attendees to ‘kick the tires’ on all showroom equipment during live demonstrations and experience the latest technologies available to the market. As well, both companies will provide a selection of value-added breakout sessions, application-based training, facility tours, and various networking opportunities. At Cefla, notable coating, pump, and gun suppliers will be on exhibit with material running live during demonstrations. Weinig’s Next Level 2020 will feature industry leaders in adhesives, hardware, and other industrial supplies.



Massimo Di Russo, General Manager, Cefla North America states, “We are excited to showcase the latest industry techniques and technologies at CeflaLive Charlotte this April.” He continued by saying, “Finding value for customers is a number one priority for my team, and CeflaLive Charlotte – especially in tandem with Weinig Holz-Her’s Next Level event – is going to be one of the best value-added events of 2020.”


“In our current industry environment, production shops continue to seek out flexible and scalable solutions to take them to the next level. We are excited to demonstrate state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at NEXT LEVEL 2020 in order to meet this need. We also look forward to adding value to our attendee’s visit by partnering with Ceflalive in Charlotte.” Andy Turner, Vice President of Sales for Weinig Holz-Her USA stated.



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