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Northtech presents award-winning iGlue

 Thursday, September 7, 2023

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The all new NT-iGlue450 Dovetail Gluer Automatic 18” the Northtech iGlue is the revolutionary new gluer that quickly and accurately applies glue to dovetail and similar joinery. Northtech Machine presented the new iGlue Automatic Dovetail Gluer at the 2023 AWFS Fair, where it won a Visionary Award for product innovation.

The use of Northtech iGlue may literally just stick the part in and iGlue scans and applies glue all in one pass and all in seconds with no required setups, no mess and no wasted glue. The machine has auto thickness compensation and is able to apply glue to either the mortise or tenon at the rate of over dovetails/minute. The iGlue even comes with an automatic waterbath sleep mode that keeps the glue tip fresh and ready to go. This machine works with standard PVA white glue and can be used for any material. The Northtech iGlue and iDovetail are patent pending and the only new innovations in the respective market.

“This is an automatic gluer, primarily for dovetail box drawer assembly. It scans the dovetails on a drawer box and applies glue to either the mortise or tenon of the dovetail,” says Brandon Koetter, president of Northtech Machine. “It’s ideal for cigar boxes, wine boxes, and drawer boxes. It’s got quite a bit of functionality. There’s no other glue machine that really gives you flexibility and speed all in one machine.

“All the other gluers out there either [require] an extreme amount of programming or you have to buy specific templates for each part differentiation.”

Koetter emphasizes that the highlight of the machine is its ability to recognize where and how much glue should be applied. The operator simply sticks a part in the machine.

“There’s no mess, no setup, no wasted glue. So, when you get into the higher production shops, there’s a notable amount of savings because the amount of glue that you put on is exactly the amount you want,” he adds.

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