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Oneida Air is planning to promote innovative dust collection products

Published on : Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Oneida Air System has been the dedicated participant at IWF since many years. They have attended every IWF since the company founded. But this time the amidst COVID-19 has changed the complete scenario. And now, the cancellation of every exhibition gradually puts impact on the industries, thus companies are focusing on digital outcomes.

Oneida is also concentrating on digital marketing. It might be difficult to evaluate the loss of direct marketing at the show. For the time being Oneida is continuing to run advertising and marketing campaigns online, via email, and in print.

The company had several new products that were entered in the Challengers Awards. They include:

  • Supercell Dust Collector
  • Single-Phase Rotary Airlock
  • Dust Deputy Bagger
  • Benchtop Dust Collector

Oneida thinks this is a good time for shops to re-evaluate their dust collection needs.

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