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Online 3D sales with Mattersmith

 Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Mattersmith, introduced at IWF 2022, lets customers of wood products manufacturers configure products in 3D, get instant quotes, and place orders. Additionally, it empowers producers to automatically create production information from orders. Manufacturers only pay for processing confirmed orders; platform access is free.

Woodworking made easier

Development of redundant data is necessary for legacy engineering and sales systems, which must then be integrated. Errors and lost time result from this fragmented process. Data from sales and engineering are combined seamlessly with Mattersmith’s unique technology. To place orders, customers can use online manufacturer catalogs. Manufacturers process the orders quickly and reliably, without data entry, file handoffs or custom software. Cabinotch, a cabinet component manufacturer, was an early adopter of Mattersmith.

“With the challenges of finding and retaining skilled designers and engineers, removing waste from the information process is more important than ever,” says CEO Peter Saal. “Moving material around the shop doesn’t add value, neither does moving data between software programs. Unifying sales and engineering data cuts down order processing time dramatically to make the most of these precious resources.”

“As a manufacturer Mattersmith not only streamlines our ability to send orders directly to the manufacturing floor, but provides a platform that our customers feel comfortable working with.”

In order to increase the productivity of legal advice and contractual processes without compromising the need for individualized attention or the caliber of the results, Mattersmith is a regulated legal practice and technology company.

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