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Ovvo wood joining connectors

 Friday, February 3, 2023

Cleverly engineered, award-winning, invisible connectors that make joining wood simple – the adjectives that best describe the latest line from Ovvo. By employing standard drilled holes on both sides of the joint to connect cabinet elements and all types of furniture, this breakthrough invisible “Drilling Housing” streamlines panel processing procedures while maintaining the advantages of Ovvos’ tried-and-true tool-free assembly methods.

Especially designed for standard drill patterns
All Ovvo connectors may be placed into a range of materials, from high-grade hardwoods to low-grade particle board, and because our plastic is recyclable, any leftover material is used to make more Ovvo connectors. Drilling Housing (DH1) is specifically designed to work in standard drill patterns. In order for the end user to easily assemble cabinets, shop fit-out components, door frame assemblies, or furniture without the need of tools, screws, or glues, connectors are added during the production process. The end result is an affordable, environmentally friendly solution that both consumers and manufacturers may use to save time, money, and effort. Since goods may be transported flat-packed, manufacturers can also profit from significantly lower transportation costs.

In panels 15mm and larger, the DH1 works in conjunction with the RD12 (End Boring) or the RN12 (Face Boring) to create a permanent joint. Manufacturers also have an even easier time integrating OVVO into their regular processes thanks to these additional connectors. The end client can receive tools-free assembly items without the requirement for additional hardware or funding.

All Ovvo connectors are built for high-volume, automatic insertion, and recently announced alliances with top software providers Cabinet Vision, TopSolid, iFurn, Swood, and Cabinet Sense guarantee that manufacturers can easily integrate Ovvo into both their current processes and the design and development of new products. In order to completely meet your needs, Ovvo is available in a variety of sizes but performs best with boards that are >12mm thick. The availability of permanent and releasable solutions for all connector sizes broadens the variety of materials and opportunities for unique design.

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