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PantoRouter to showcase its finest at IWF 2022

Published on :Thursday, June 2, 2022

PantoRouter joinery system to show Bosch Capability at IWF 2022. The PantoRouter (IWF Booth A10554) allows woodworkers to make sophisticated and precise joinery for furniture and cabinets using a hand-held router.

PantoRouter locks a conventional hand-held router horizontally into a 2:1 pantograph, which guides the router based on patterns from a wide range of templates to make mortise and tenon, dovetails, box joints and custom shapes. A guide bearing follows a template which moves the router bit to cut a pattern in shape. Setup is fast, easy, and precise using standard templates or those created by woodworkers.

At IWF 2022, PantoRouter will be shown incorporating a Bosch hand-held router. The Bosch 1617EVS router is now solely recommended for professional PantoRouter packages like ProPack. The Bosch 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Variable Speed Router has a 12 Amp motor, soft start, and adjustable speed settings.

Mortise and tenon, dovetail, or box joints are typically hand-cut, or made with difficult-to-set jigs, or cut on larger and more expensive milling machines or CNC routers.

The PantoRouter™ Woodworking Machine is an all-metal version of the original PantoRouter invented by Matthias Wandel and featured on his YouTube channel. Kuldeep Singh of Kyoto, Japan saw the wooden prototype on YouTube and was inspired to build a metal PantoRouter Woodworking Machine, which could be even more accurate and more easily reproduced. Kuldeep first experimented using steel, but later determined aluminum to be more advantageous.

Through Kuldeep’s continued R&D and Matthias’ assistance, the new Hybrid PantoRouter Woodworking Machine is now a highly functional joinery jig with numerous new features:

“A lot of time and thought has gone into the design of the PantoRouter,” says Mac Sheldon, president of Woodcraft, LLC which owns PantoRouter. “We wanted to provide woodworkers with a simple but versatile tool that helped them build projects easily and effectively.”

Sheldon says the PantoRouter is a precision woodworking joinery machine with a strong market share and excellent reputation among artisan furniture builders, serious hobbyists, and high school woodworking programs.

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