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Roseburg establishes their Industrial Plywood: RigidCore™

 Tuesday, March 1, 2016

roseburg_logo_horizontal_tag_500x140Roseburg is proud to introduce RigidCore™ plywood to the market for use in industrial applications like CNC machining, furniture, cabinetry and more.


Most plywood used in the industrial market is machined into smaller pieces on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. Product consistency and yield are critical factors in using plywood. Core gaps, open knots, warping and variations in thickness are a big concern for industrial customers.


Roseburg developed RigidCore™ to meet the needs of the industrial market. It’s manufactured to much tighter specifications than standard construction plywood. With exceptional product consistency and tighter tolerances on core gaps, RigidCore™ plywood is ideal for CNC machining.


Rigidcore’s features are:

•    Constructed from 100% Douglas fir veneers with balanced layup for flatter panels with exceptional dimensional stability
•    1/8″ Maximum core gaps provide better yield for CNC routers and other industrial cutting operations
•    Proprietary C+ grade core veneers are similar to PS-1 “C” grade but with V-425 stricter grade rules on open knots
•    Structural I assures superior strength and stiffness
•    Meets or exceeds APA PS 1-09 specifications
•    Designed specifically for industrial use

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