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Santino Buresta

 Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wood & Panel Europe: In coversation with Santino Buresta, Regional Sales Director, Cefla Finishing Group

How would you define the current phase of woodworking industry in Italy, rather in Europe as a whole?

Santino Buresta: Finally the good signal, we are coming out of the big recessions of the last few years. So I have to say that it looks promising and we are expecting some good activities in the coming months. So we are reasonably happy.

The big news is that CEFLA is back to Xylexpo. What are your expectations from the show?

Santino Buresta: During the last years, we had much discussing as to where to go. We have been to Rimini, this time we are at Milano, but for sure, Milano is an international location. All the customers were looking for Milano and then we decided to come back to Xylexpo as it has a better and bigger exposure to the market. So, we believe that we will be staying here longer and this is the show for Italian woodworking manufacturers.

Cefla is demonstrating a wide range of products here. Which one is mostly in demand?

Santino Buresta: Cefla is the finishing leader in the world. We have a lot of technologies, some of these are core business for us. These are spraying and wood coating. In our stand, we have many of these technologies with different applications and of them spraying and wood engraving are giving lot of satisfaction for us.

What makes Cefla Finishing Group unique compared to the similar products available in the market?

Santino Buresta: Cefla is a big company that can also supply all kinds of systems to all kinds of customers. So we go from big to small, we go from high- tech to low tech for customers and we are able to answer all kinds of demands. Of course, this is supportive from a network of branches and genius around the world that can support technically and for the after service as well, having customers happy is our motto.

With Cefla doing well in the American market as well, with IWF coming up soon,what do you think is the basic similarity or difference between the European and American market?

Santino Buresta: It depends from the different business. If for example, we compare flooring, it is basically same from North America to Europe. Of course for furniture it is different, it depends on fashion. The fashion that is dominating European market is high gloss, in America, not exactly. In America, the fashion trending is matte, its antique look of the furniture but when you have the right technology, for both products, it does not make any difference. So we can answer these markets in the same way.

In that regard, how had been Indiawood 2014? Tell us about your presence in the Asian Market.

Santino Buresta: I would like to divide India from the Asian market. India has just begun, India is just opening its furniture manufactures the new technologies, especially about finishing. So the best is to come. We are there, we have already happy customers but if I have to say the finishing in India is a mature business- it is yet to come. But we are all investing lot of time in order to train Indian customers , investing to improve quality of their products, for the domestic market and for the export,

Asian market from Vietnam, from Thailand , from Malaysia from Singapore- they are at the moment, higher than India. They already have the knowledge about finishing, we have already sold many lines in South East Asia and these lines are for all kinds of processes-from flooring to furniture to tables. So there is a big difference between these two markets, as to become ready, they are designed ready. India is definitely promising but the best is yet to come.

What would be your marketing strategy for the second half of the year?

Santino Buresta: Our marketing strategy is always the same, to innovate new products-listening to and trying to offer the customers which is best for them help them to grow, to develop and hopefully to invest more on machines.

The first ever Xylexpo award for innovation. How does it feel?

Santino Buresta: Awards are always something that makes us happy. We were not expecting that, but once we have got it, it proves that we are working on the right direction.

With the current boom in Social Media and Digital marketing, how much active is Cefla? In fact, do you think woodworking industry should be more active on social media?

Santino Buresta: Some markets yes, there is good reaction to this new technologies, for some markets the direction of communication is changing. The future is there. That is true. We are investing money , we are getting into the networks. Let see.

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