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Schattdecor to showcase the evolution of core trend topics at IWF

 Saturday, August 13, 2016

schattdecor“It’s all connected.”


Stephanie Richardson, Design Manager, Schattdecor Inc., USA:
“In an ongoing effort to streamline the Schattdecor global philosophy, IWF is getting a makeover this year. In the past, there was a greater need to cater to individual markets. Now we are seeing that the lines are blurring and trends move fluidly across the world. ”


At IWF 2016 Schattdecor will showcase the group’s core trend topics as they have evolved today. Also highlighted will be the seamless connection between the wide variety of products available in the Schattdecor portfolio and the global trends sweeping the industry.


“By moving forward with the mentality that people are more similar than they are different, a really holistic approach emerges. We’re trying to figure out the “WHY” behind design decisions. From this perspective of curiosity, we can flex our “design-thinking” and really start to anticipate the future needs of the industry,” explains Stephanie Richardson, Design Manager at Schattdecor Inc.


At IWF in August 2016, Schattdecor will be presenting the core trend topics that are featured in the Décor Selection 2016. However, over the course of a full year, the team has seen these trends evolve into where they stand today. CASUAL BLACK, with its nouveau-modern industrial charm has taken the US by storm, especially in the hospitality and food service industries. CULTURAL SPIRIT embraces bohemian trends, and supports eclectic design decisions. Probably the most surprising trend that is working well in the United States is the FREESTYLE CLARITY topic. Many Americans have realized that “less-is-more” and this fresh new take on Danish modern style is fitting for the chaotic times we live in. Within each of these trend topics the decors that will be displayed at IWF will be a combination of Foil, TFL and HPL, with several digitally printed decors in the mix.


The adopted theme for the Schattdecor design presentation at IWF of “It’s all connected” will illustrate how integrated all aspects of life have become. It doesn’t just stop with aesthetic trends. When one take the time to really pinpoint the cause-and-effect of trend fluctuations, patterns start to emerge.


Visitors will notice the cleverly used tagline, “one _____ leads to another” to really drive the point home.

The Schattdecor sales team looks forward to welcoming visitors at their Booth 3216.

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