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Schmidt & Co. to produce flooring solution in IWF

 Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Charles-GG-Schmidt-LogoCharles G. G. Schmidt & Co., manufactures tooling to produce quality flooring in a number of styles depending on the type of machine you have and the quantity you need to make. Whether its a shaper, planer or moulder, Schmidt has the cutters and heads you need.


Brazed cutters for a shaper:

Flooring Cutter set

•    4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ bore 3-wing carbide tipped 5 pc. cutter set to produce tongue & groove flooring.
•    2 pc. Tongue cutter allows one to hold dimension for the life of the tool. Fits shapers and XL moulder.
Cutter and Knives for Moulders and large shapers:
Schmidt is offering 2 or 4 knife cutters heads for the side head profiling and top and bottom surfacing. Steel and carbide tipped knives are in stock. Custom knives for other profiles are available.


schm 1Single sided, non reversible heads and inserts:

5-1/2″ diameter, 30 mm wide, 3 wing, choice of bore are standard. Inserts have one profile per insert and are ground for face down, groove to fence operation. These heads can be used with our standard profile or the micro bevel profile.


HSK Heads for todays newest machines:

They carry standard HSK corrugated heads for corrugated back knives and their SCHure-Lock carbide knife system. Schmidt can also manufacture dedicated style insert heads for the side heads of one’d machine. Available in 12 and 20 degree cutting angles.


Dedicated heads, double sided inserts:

Schmidt offers standard 6″ diameter, 60mm wide, three knife dedicated head, with the choice of bore depending on the machine. Their industry standard profiled inserts are ground with both profiles, a total of four cutting on the same insert. In moulder applications all four patterns can be used without adjusting spindle heights. Our unique flip flop design allows runs up to 100,000 ft. of flooring with one set of inserts with one insert rotation and one flip of the side heads. Made from impact resistant carbide. Machine adjustment is not needed after initial set up, insert change or rotation.


Surfacing and relieving heads from bottom side of the flooring:

These heads are made with 4 or 6 rows of standard 15mm square inserts to do the surfacing and 2 dovetail slots, 180° apart for the relieving tools. Adjustable relieving cutters come with one or two replaceable inserts which can be spaced to the desired dis¬tance. They can be rotated 3 times. The 15mm inserts can be rotated 4 times and the edges are numbered. Relieving cutters and holders are additional. These heads are made from aircraft quality aluminum. Custom sizes quoted on request. * Indicates 3 wing, 6 row configuration. Additional sizes are available. These heads can also be made in steel.

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