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‘V’ time for Vollmer

 Friday, February 17, 2017

v360The sharpening specialist from Biberach presents a new naming concept for its grinding and eroding machines for rotary tools at the VDays industry event. The redesigned branding will provide greater clarity and facilitate understanding at an international level. The V in VGrind and VPulse stands for VOLLMER, while the second part of the name describes the function and technology of the machine. The “grind” in VGrind clearly indicates that this is a grinding machine for carbide tools. With the new VPulse wire erosion machine, “pulse” refers to the pulsed eroding process. VOLLMER is also supporting its branding by creating a standardised design for its machines.


“Bringing the “V” to the fore – this is how we are making our machines for rotary tools clearer and easier to understand all over the world,” explains Ingo Wolf, Head of Marketing at VOLLMER. “The V stands for VOLLMER, the second part of the name describes the technology of the machine and the number refers to the maximum length of the workpieces that can be used with this machine. The new branding also reveals at a glance who has made the machine and what it can do in a way that can be understood at an international level”.


The V stands for VOLLMER

The prominent V in the new VOLLMER product names makes reference to the Swabian roots of the machines, while the English term explains the technology. The new naming concept started off with the VGrind 160 and VGrind 360 grinding machines. These can be used to machine carbide tools up to 160 or 360 mm long respectively. Workpieces up to 500 mm long can be machined with the new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine, whereby this is a further development of the previous VOLLMER eroding machines in the QWD series and will be presented for the first time at the VDays industry event in Biberach.


v500Understanding on a global scale and in the same design

The new branding will also facilitate VOLLMER’s global brand presence in relation to sharpening machines for rotary tools. The name can be understood all over the world – in the USA, China or Brazil, for example – and describes the function and technology of the sharpening machine. With a total of 14 subsidiaries outside Germany, international business is becoming increasingly important for VOLLMER – the company now makes around 80 per cent of its revenue abroad.


The VOLLMER machines are becoming more similar, not just from a linguistic
point of view, but also in terms of their appearance. Featuring a similar design and the same operator control elements, the VGrind and VPulse are supporting the globally standardised brand strategy of the grinding and eroding specialist from Biberach. In future, VOLLMER will apply the new branding to all machines in the rotary tool sector, while the tried-and-tested machine designations for circular and band saws will be retained.

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