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SCM is all set to showcase high-tech innovations at IWF

 Saturday, July 28, 2018

Maestro connectWith an above-average double-digit growth rate in the North American woodworking machines market, SCM, the leader for secondary woodworking technologies, plays a key role at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) with the largest collection of high-tech applications and services and its “Industry 4.0” latest applicable solutions.



In an innovative booth of over 24,500 square feet, an impressive arrangement of SCM solutions will feature live demonstrations with industry experts available to advise visitors on the most efficient and productive equipment /solutions.


The main focus of the event is the “Work simple. Work digital” concept with the SCM Digital Hub, an innovative control center, and Maestro Digital Systems, the platform of latest-generation smart digital solutions, perfectly integrated with SCM machines, to make every stage of woodworking easier and faster both for small-sized companies and large multinational organizations.


Among the Maestro Digital System solutions, the main emphasis is on the new IoT (“Internet of Things”) platform, Maestro connect, in response to the latest Industry 4.0 requirements: it is a system for collecting and analyzing data retrieved from SCM machines to increasingly monitor and optimize production processes, enabling full control of production performances by the customer and a series of micro services such as, a timely and smart maintenance and an optimized spare parts management. The advantages of the system are increased productivity and decreased downtime, improved and continued operating cost control, lowed maintenance costs and the ability to monitor machine parameters and performance in real time, anywhere and at any time, allowing correction of any malfunction in an increasingly timely manner (smart maintenance).


Popular technology will include the new, latest generation, multi-function, wide-screen and multi-touch operator panel (eye-M), the innovative remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses (Maestro smartech), the powerful and versatile Maestro suite, a complete software system for all processing types and methods, as well as the Virtual Reality 3D Integrated Cell Simulation system (Maestro xplore).


An additional focus of the booth is SCM’s most advanced robotic integration for woodworking technologies. A robotic nesting cell and morbidelli n200 nesting cell will demonstrate full production cycles with automatic label placement, along with loading and unloading nested parts.  Smart unloading of the nested parts using an industrial robot will feed the stefani kd edgebander and stack the finished parts.  Using a mobile industrial robot, the material will be transported to the next station. At the end of the cell, the cabinets will be assembled, clamped, and fitted with doors and drawers.



SCM’s technological innovations will cover the entire range of industry solutions on display at the show: from machining centers for panel boring to machining centers for the solid wood and timber construction industry, from edgebanders and sizing edgebanders to beam saws, from sanding to surface finishing, from assembly and packaging to pressing, from specific solutions for doors and windows to squaring-tenoning and profiling, automation and top-level automatic handling products and last but not least, the widest and most sought-after collection of joinery machines for small-sized carpentry businesses.


In SCM’s innovative and multimedia exhibition space at IWF, new designs will showcase every industrial production process from furniture manufacturing to shipbuilding, from window frames to construction – side by side with the most reliable range of joinery machines.


The highly-automated flexible cell for nesting panel processing will also be on display at the show, consisting of the Flexstore EL automatic panel storage system, a morbidelli m600 f CNC machining center to manage nesting and automatic labelling operations, and the gabbiani g2 panel saw. The automatic labelling system will be able to label panels for both machines. This cell is a particularly effective solution to rationalize space that only requires operator intervention at the end of the production cycle when the finished parts are unloaded.


The machining center for drilling, routing and edgebanding morbidelli p200 is the main point of interest at the Atlanta exhibition. The Challenger Award Finalist morbidelli p200 features include: an innovative edgebanding unit that allows the edge application on panels up to 80 mm thick, and most importantly, HE-POD system, an exclusive SCM feature on the worldwide market. HE-PODs allow the operator to lift work pieces alternately, considerably reducing machining cycle time, thus employing the machining center’s potential.


Also showcased will be the 5-axis CNC machining center for solid wood processing: accord 40 fx: the ideal machining centre for the production of windows, doors, stairs and for all elements requiring heavy stock removal. The accord 40 fx is equipped with a Prisma machining head and BRC unit which reduces tool change time, ensures high productivity and perfect finish quality. The Matic automatic worktable guarantees maximum precision and rapid set-up.


The balestrini power, the 5-axis machining centre enclosing high power and flexibility in compact dimensions, will also be exhibited. It can be configured with various specific solutions (worktables and locking equipments) to achieve maximum productivity. This is the ideal solution for doors, tables, chairs, beds, stairs and garden furniture.


Of particular interest in Atlanta is also the most inclusive olimpic and stefani edge banders range, with the innovative SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot), for the machining with EVA and Polyurethan glue, and with the new “E” generation operating units designed to provide a solid balance between lightweight machining and new rigidity standards.


Another highlighted feature for SCM edge banding machines is the new AirFusion+ device, which helps the hot-air/zero glue line application increase productivity by +10% and cut start-up times by 50%, and the new HMI “eye-M” with 21.5″ multi-touch display featuring 3D preview of the machined panel. SCM will present important innovations for surface finishing techniques. At IWF, SCM introduces the vastest range of technologies for sanding, pressing and finishing with an aim to supply all-encompassing solutions and services to satisfy all processing needs for all product types.


At the show, SCM will exhibit the complete range of wide belt sanders including six machine models with different configurations to satisfy any production requirement: calibrating and sanding of solid wood, sanding of rough and painted veneer, abrasive brushing for profiled pieces and orbital sanding of solid wood cabinet doors. The latest solution introduced in the sanders range, concerning the brushing process, is the dmc mb 90, the compact brushing machine designed to house working units equipped with oscillating discs and brushing rollers, suitable for different applications such as: sanding, denibbing, finishing of routed MDF panels, assembling kitchen cabinet doors, windows and doors and profiled parts in general.


In Atlanta, SCM will present the new fourth-generation orbital pad unit for the cross-grain material finishing. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers should ask about the new dmc system t9, able to perform calibration, denibbing, brushing and orbital sanding, in only one single step.Superfici will exhibit at IWF with a wide range of leading edge technologies in finishing, sanding, and material handling solutions: starting with the magnum 3 high production, automatic spray machine including the supermix electronic 2K/3K mixing system, and partnering with the compact 3. Superfici leads the industry in automatic spray machine design. Superfici also offers a line of valtorta roller coaters and revolutionary innovations such as the matrix led UV curing system, along with selecure Cold Cure UV designed for curing products that have cannot be exposed to high temperatures. Superfici will exhibit cutting-edge material handling solutions such as collaborative robots that can support the operators in manual and repetitive tasks.


Last but not least, the joinery machines, world-leading top class designs combining unique performance and continuous innovation. These features are demonstrated by the complete range of solutions displayed at the fair, and most remarkably, by “L’invincibile” range with its upgraded design and technological features, an absolute market benchmark in terms of precision, reliability and safety. The dual tilt introduced in the circular saws six of the L’invincibile range is now extended to the smaller “minimax” version with the introduction of the minimax si x model with +/-46° tilting blade and programmable motor-driven movement. At IWF, the focus will also be on the combined edge rounder-trimmer unit for edgebanding machines – the ideal one-stop machine for facing and trimming the front and rear ends of panels and at the same time, rounding the front and back edges. The new VF extractors are innovative technology, clean air filters that complete the widest range of woodworking machinery on the market. Low-noise and efficient, they are ideal for any work environment.



SCM North America has joined forces with the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) organization whose mission is to honor and empower wounded service members.  At IWF, SCM will support this movement with a robotic arcade game led by one of its collaborative robots. The public will be able to participate and make a donation. SCM will match 100% of all donations made during IWF.



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