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Siempelkamp on modernising existing plants

 Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Faster, more modern, safer – these are the central objectives when it comes to modernizing existing plants. But who provides tailored support when a plant supplier no longer operates in the market, or modernization options cannot be further exploited? The expertise of Siempelkamp Logistics & Service GmbH (SLS) not only applies to plants from within the Siempelkamp Group but also to the installed base of Metso and Küsters. A current example shows just how much plant operators benefit from this service.

SLS carries out upgrades and modernizations, e.g. in the area of press extensions, tracking systems for belt and roller rod carpets and replacement components. Plant operators benefit here from higher productivity, improved material consumption and fewer unscheduled or shorter downtimes. This range of services is based on expertise built up over many years: In 2007 Siempelkamp took over the Metso energy and press division; Metso had already integrated the corresponding Küsters division in 1999. Thus, SLS today bundles the know-how of these companies and the complete technical documentation for their press types.

Electronic optimizations often start with PLC upgrades, because, for example, the PLC 5 and S5 generations have been discontinued and therefore spare parts can no longer be ordered. Here, SLS prefers to use adapter modules, which allow the installation of the new CPU and PLC side racks in the shortest possible time. A new PLC ensures greater operational reliability and also opens up the option of implementing further modernizations in the future.

A significant advantage: SLS uses adapter modules for retrofitting older existing plants, which eliminates the need for complete rewiring of the PLC racks. This considerably simplifies the I/O check. In addition, after programming, the CPU and all PLC side racks are tested for function by means of a simulation at the Krefeld site before delivery. Thanks to the technology used and the in-house testing, plant downtimes can be reduced from four weeks to just five days – more than three weeks are saved, which pays off in terms of production time gained and thus greater cost-effectiveness.

Currently a customer from Japan is using the modernization competence of the Siempelkamp Service subsidiary for a new PLC which is currently being put into operation in a test run at the SLS location in Krefeld. Plant operators benefit from the fact that Siempelkamp has experienced specialists who program, test and install the PLC themselves and thus provide “full service” for the modernization of a wide range of installed bases.

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