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Stefan Krebs

 Monday, January 17, 2022

Stefan Krebs, Head of Marketing, Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH has spoken to us on various issues. Read on the interview

How would you define the current phase of woodworking industry in Eurasia?

Stefan Krebs: The current phase of woodworking industry is still a heterogeneous situation due to different economic developments in diverse markets/countries.

Are there plans for expansion in the near future?

Stefan Krebs: We do have expansion in an ongoing process related to the development in the markets. Expansion are made in sales and service organisations to bring us steps ahead placing our high sophisticated cut-to-size-saws and cut-to-size-plants in the woodworking industry. Specially in India and Singapore we do have more people now in sales and service than before due to the regional market situation.

What is Schelling offering to the woodworking industry this year?

Stefan Krebs: Schelling is offering its own area panel storage system which is organising panels automatically, space saving and profitable in comparison to traditional organised storage systems. Furthermore, the complete administration and the time-saving supply of the panels in correspondence with the Schelling optimisation system HPO makes the area panel storage system to a highly profitable system for the woodworking industry.

How far has Robotics made its mark in the woodworking industry? What is its scope for development?

Stefan Krebs: Robotic systems are already a standard system in addition to the automisation of woodworking machines. Schelling is offering cut-to-size-plants including robotics for the handling of formats after the cutting line for the reason of sorting and stapelling. It contains as well the programming of different parameters of the robotics as a fast and easy sorting and stapeling in conjunction with the Schelling saw and its controller.

CNC is taking over almost all spheres of woodworking technology? Where do you see its future?

Stefan Krebs: CNC technology is one step in the process chain of the woodworking industry. Schelling is providing data via Barcode printing and labeling onto the sized formats to make it is as easy as possible for the worker at the CNC-machine to enter the necessary program via barcode reader.

Any particular technology/innovation that you would like to develop for the industry?

Stefan Krebs: There are some ideas and projects on our development agenda which influences and streamlines the process of the woodworking industry in the cutting area. One sample we already have spoken is the integration of the area panel storage system and as well its related subjects like data handling.

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