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Stiles Machinery: a knowledge source for the North American Mass Timber Market

 Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Stiles Machinery was in attendance of the 7th annual International Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon in March of 2023. Along with three of our supplier experts—Kallesoe Machinery, System TM, and MiCROTEC—all in one booth, event attendees were able to learn about the whole-factory solutions from advanced machinery to after-sale support.

“Anytime someone came by the booth, we were able to talk about the entire production line,” said Roland Hernandez, Vertical Market Manager for the Mass Timber Industry at Stiles Machinery.

“At the booth, we offered best-in-class machinery solutions for lumber handling and grading, finger jointing, Glulam and CLT pressing, radio-frequency curing, and Stiles’ service and support, which is what really sets our team apart from all our competitors,” Hernandez added.

The International Mass Timber Conference is the world’s largest gathering of mass timber experts, attracting professionals from the forest, manufacturing, design, development, and construction industries. Forming connections and building relationships across the industry, the event features more than 60 speakers and 130 exhibitors. This year at the 2023 International Mass Timber Conference, Roland Hernandez presented on resource utilization and optimization.

Prior to working at Stiles Machinery, Hernandez’s entire career has revolved around engineered wood products. Beginning as a research wood scientist at USDA Forest Products in Madison, Wisconsin, Hernandez then went on to work as an Engineered Wood Products Specialist with APA—the Engineered Wood Association; a Mass Timber Consultant for Bell Structural Solutions, a division of the ALAMCO Wood Products Glulam Plant; and he founded a maple baseball bat company called RockBats, where he developed the lumber grading rules used by Major League Baseball to this day.

During his presentation, Hernandez explained the differences in layup and design values between North American and European mass timber. Regardless of your field in the industry—designer, engineer, architect, or manufacturer—it is important to know these differences to better understand how to design with them, and how to grade the lumber and manufacture the engineered wood product, said Hernandez.

An American company, Stiles has a specific knowledge base for the North American mass timber market and can assist customers to better understand the industry standards and certification requirements, beyond receiving the equipment.

“When you have a factory that is up and running, you now have service, support, and spare parts with a 24-hour hotline in North America. That really does set our group apart from our competitors.” Hernandez said. “Not just best-in-class machinery, but also the full service and support package after the installation from Stiles.”

A proud sponsor of the 2023 International Mass Timber Conference, Stiles Machinery continues to be a provider of total production solutions and knowledge source to North American mass timber manufacturers.

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