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Stiles Machinery amazes with end-to-end design customization solution

 Monday, August 10, 2020

Stiles Machinery is helping to meet the need for the digital design and customization tools with Configurator 3D. End-to-end product configuration solutions are no longer a dream, instead a reality by the evolution of the customisation tools and advanced digital designing technology.

For years buyers have always favoured the art of customisation or designing to suit the home needs. Recently Stilesmachinery has simplified the ordering process by offering consumers ability to pre-customize and design anything and everything, before making a purchase. Thus, enhancing the customer experience from start to finish, especially when it comes to customization features have impacted on business.
Not only does the ability to customize make the ordering process more enjoyable for the consumer, it also drives their purchase behaviour. A recent study showed that there was a 40% higher close rate and 30% increase in average transaction value when using 3D models over 2D static images as sales tools.

Stiles Machinery is helping to meet the need for these digital design and customization tools with Configurator 3D. Configurator 3D is Stiles’ newest software solution that delivers a flexible, graphic product platform built for high-end visualizations for businesses focused on giving their customers the best design and visualization experience.

Making Design Easy

The flexibility and customizability of Configurator 3D allows you to create 3D visual designs that your customers can walk through. In a 3D setting, you can display preexisting products, design specific products with parametrics, modify color selections and add custom variations like hardware and door options. This 3D configurator lets your customers see what they are going to get. If your sales process is a one-on-one experience–with customers working with your designer–Configurator 3D’s realistic views allow for real-time customer reaction, allowing for a quicker feedback loop and more satisfied customers.

The visualization is also the bridge to manufacturing. If your sales are moving to a Web based platform Configurator 3D allows your customer to create their space and visualize your products in that space. The realistic and accurate 3D renderings will differentiate you from your competition, helping you close deals quicker while giving your customers the opportunity to virtually touch their dream designs.

Accurate renderings also mean perfect order performance. With the Configurator 3D, you’re delivering complete accurate information on the order, not only to the factory floor, but for your customers as well.

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