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SWOOD – Powerful CAD-CAM system on display at IWF

 Thursday, August 25, 2016

SWOODEFICAD is exhibiting for the very first time at IWF Atlanta their powerful CAD-CAM system based on SOLIDWORKS, dedicated to woodworking- SWOOD. With SWOOD, one can get an intuitive 3D CAD system that combines ease-of-use with strong modeling capabilities while covering wood industry needs.
EFICAD, the French company that develops SWOOD, is invested in CAD CAM solutions for wood industry for more than 25 years. Initially based on a well-known 2D platform, EFICAD decided to move its woodworking knowledge to a 3D modeler and has made the choice of SOLIDWORKS the most intuitive and ease-of-use platform.
SWOOD can interact with all the woodworking industry fields thanks to the numerous CNC machine met by EFICAD since its foundation, but custom made is its favorite field as it count on the parametric design environment offered by SOLIDWORKS.
The CAM system is thought to manage natively the woodworking routers technologies. For instance, it can optimize drillings using a multi-spindle head, manage and encode worktable with suction cup or clamping system, manage chips deflector and compute trajectories up to 5 axis.
Its unique integration allows programs definition to be fully associative with 3D models and directly embedded into SOLIDWORKS files.The user will be able to define its own machining strategy, to save it in a library and reapply it by simple drag & drop on similar geometries in different parts.
SWOOD can create programsfor unique part or multiple parts program and embed nesting capabilities.Because of EFICAD long experience and collaboration with the different CNC brand, a lot of post-processors have already been developed.
More than a CAM, SWOOD is also a design booster for your woodworking projects.
Read our IWF Atlanta Special issue for more details or meet them at booth # 8328.

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