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T45 Planer from Martin

 Friday, April 21, 2023

The T45 planer offers the ideal conditions for modern production: it supplies cleanly planed surfaces, is quick and easy to operate and also works extremely quietly. Thanks to a memory space for 99 planing dimensions, the standard electronic control system makes adjusting the planing height so easy that even the very first workpiece fits perfectly. Of course, the thicknessing table can also be moved or raised upwards in steps of 0.1 mm simply by pressing a button. The feed control elements are also within easy access.

With its high-quality cutter block, the sturdy, vibration-damping composite frame is a guarantee for excellent surfaces. Thanks to the sound-absorbing design, you can work quietly even with the standard version. If you opt for the Xplane spiral cutter block, you will hardly be able to hear the machine at all.

Through the use of different cutter blocks, the T45 can be perfectly adapted to the tasks required of it. Thanks to the standard TERSA solid steel cutter block with its form-locked knife holders, all surfaces can be planed perfectly. It just takes a few seconds to change the blades. TERSA reversible blades are available in different qualities and with different geometries, so the right blade is available for every task. In addition, by using two dummy blades, the standard Z4 cutter block can also be operated as a Z2 cutter block.

With the T45 Contour, MARTIN is offering a machine which, in addition to thickness planing, can also profile entire surfaces. This means that with this machine, profiled seat surfaces, grooved terrace decks, round bars and so much more can be produced quickly and easily.

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