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The inaugural Biomass Harvesting week is coming soon

 Friday, February 10, 2023

Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries have come together again, this time to turn the spotlight on biomass harvesting across the country. This year, Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries are turning the spotlight on biomass harvesting. For five days the event will dive into the world of logging, chipping, grinding and transporting woody biomass.

From February 13 to17 the Biomass Harvesting Week landing page will become a year-round hub for industry and curious minds to learn best practices and find the latest information on harvesting biomass.

Follow along all week as we will highlight feature stories, columns and research both from our archives as well as brand-new stories from contributors across Canada.

Woody biomass harvesting is still an emerging technology, and the use of woody biomass continues to gain acceptance as an optional source of energy. As world petroleum prices rise, alternative energy sources, such as wind, solar and biomass, continue to be used and evaluated. The use of biomass fuels can reduce oil imports and create new growth in the agribusiness community. Harvesting woody biomass is similar to harvesting pulpwood..

Woody biomass has potential to be one of several biomass solutions to reduce energy dependence and carbon emissions. Biomass has surpassed hydropower as the largest domestic source of renewable energy and provides 3 percent of the total energy consumption in the United States. This includes all plant and plant-derived materials, including animal manure, starch, sugar and crops. However, forestry operations are being conducted more frequently throughout the United States. As more wood based bioenergy plants are announced, sustainability, urban, water quality, and non-water quality issues related to biomass harvesting will need to be addressed in order for this market to develop. Woody biomass and biomass in its other forms is a renewable resource and thus invaluable as a solution to current energy demands.

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