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The new Lockdowel Eclipse Evolution Kit is now available

 Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lockdowel EClips Line - PR 12-1-15 copyLockdowelTM, a designer and manufacturer of innovative fastening systems for cabinets, closets, casegoods and other woodworking applications, is rolling out their new single-piece fastener line, EClips.


The EClips evaluation kit is now available on the company’s website, www.lockdowel.com. Offering samples of the full-range of EClips products; for both slide-lock removable joints and permanent connections, the kit lets manufacturers test drive the system and select the fitting which works best for their requirements.


“The simplicity of EClips is a significant “next step” in the lean manufacturing revolution,” says Steve Macdonald, CEO of Lockdowel. “We listened to the needs of the marketplace and engineered EClips to meet those needs. This is a single-piece system, which allows for simple, tool-less assembly, resulting in invisible joints without visible hardware.” He added further.


EClips allows any manufacturer with a CNC machining center and edge-boring capability to simplify manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and transportation processes by flat-packing finished goods. Fast and easy final assembly can then occur on-site. EClips is particularly suited to RTA applications; furniture, cabinets, cabinet doors, casegoods, closets, picture frames, and much more.


In addition to EClips, Lockdowel offers the Lockdowel Component System (CS), a three-piece snap-together system which is ideal for high-speed automated manufacturing. CNC drilling and insertion equipment for the Component System is available now from major machinery manufacturers including SCM Group, Biesse and Gannomat. Automated, high-speed CNC boring and insertion solutions for EClips will be available in 2016.


Both fastening systems are available in the Cabinet Vision hardware library and are being added to IMOS, Wood CAD/CAM and TopSolid design and production software as well. The Lockdowel-IMOS/Wood CAD/CAM launch is scheduled for Q4, 2015.


The Lockdowel component system is installed during the manufacturing process. EClips can be installed in the plant or on-site. Both fasteners allow finished goods to be flat-packed, moved with greater efficiency and less damage, and built on-site up to 80% faster than standard assembly methods. For DIY projects, Lockdowel CS and EClips make RTA truly user-friendly.


Established in 2010, Lockdowel is now streamlining manufacturing operations around the world. To learn more about Lockdowel, visit at their website.
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