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Thermwood launches Cut Layer Additive

 Monday, August 28, 2023

Thermwood introduces new Cut Layer Additive machine which builds large, near-net-shape additive parts, from any material that can be machined. The core idea behind Cut Layer Additive is a way to get the benefits of additive manufacturing using material that can’t be printed. Cut Layer Additive is a whole new approach that eases the process of machining or cutting out layers of materials while adding them on top of one another.

Thermwood’s Cut Layer Additive has brought in ample benefits after successfully eliminating the heavy programming task. This is only possible because of cutting edge Machine Intelligence. Instead of sending it a CNC program, this machine has been developed with perfect abilities to make Cut Layer Additive parts.

Two steps to be followed to process the machine’s working:

• Step one is to “Send it the Shape” by sending it a CAD file, which defines the outer surface of the part. You don’t need a detail file, just the basic shape.
• Step two is to “Tell it how you want it made”, that is, what material do you want to make , how thick do you want the walls, how much trim stock do you want, how many segments do you want on each layer, things like that. This is done interactively using dynamic graphics.

The main features are-

• Designed specifically for Cut Layer Additive manufacturing
• The machine KNOWS how to make a Cut Layer Additive part from a simple CAD model
• Automatically creates the nested CNC program needed to machine each layer in segments
• Adjusts layer-segment geometry to provide a specified trim stock
• Prints information on each segment telling you what layer it’s on
• Prints identifier on each segment telling you its position on that layer and what it connects to
• Prints a QR code on each part making it easy to re-machine a part, if ever needed
• Machines joints between layer-segments to connect them, to make full layers
• Drills dowel alignment holes to provide precise layer to layer alignment
• Prints dowel insertion markers on each part to further simplify assembly
• Staggers segment joints for a more solid structure
• Drills and taps attachment holes between two or more layers so that metal layers can be bolted together
• Machines internal passages for internal heating or cooling fluid (coming)
• Internal “Anchor Points” facilitate adding internal stiffening structure (coming)
• Tab construction keeps parts from moving during machining
• Automatic tool changer with up to 12 tools
• 18 HP, 24,000 RPM router head for fast machining
• 5’x12’ vacuum cutting table

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