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Thermwood to launch AutoProcessor 43 CNC at IWF 2022

 Friday, August 5, 2022

For IWF 2022, Thermwood will be demonstrating three of their most versatile machines, the all new AutoProcessor 43, the heavy-duty Model 45 and the award-winning Cut Ready Cut Center. The AutoProcessor 43 Machining Center is an all-new complete, nested-based, CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture and basically any nested type of sheet product.

On the Model 45, they will be machining solid wood, aluminum and plastic sheet parts utilizing a pod system and aggregate tooling. The heavy-duty Model 45 is designed for a variety of functions including the machining of rotary operations when equipped with our optional C-Axis. This expands the capability of this already useful machine to include volutes, carvings, chair parts, stair components and much more. The Model 45 is also equipped with smart-router technology that helps save labor and material, is easy to use and will make you a lot more money than ordinary routers.

The Cut Center helps in quickly and easily creating most products a cabinet shop would want to make without a CNC programmer). The user may also operate the Cut Center as a traditional CNC Router. The Cut Center is the ultimate in next generation CNC routers. It doesn’t require programming and most people can operate it with little or no training or guidance. It is complete, fully contained with all the ancillary equipment smoothly integrated into a package that almost runs itself.

The Cut Center guides through each step of the production process. If there is anything the user do not  understand, it will show a video of what to do. It manages tooling and keeps track of routine maintenance. It will show you a video of how to clean filters or top off lubrication. It will turn the vacuum pump on or off as needed and will make sure it is holding properly.

If there is a problem it will guide through a step by step, solution. The user will have an opportunity to see just how easy it is to run this powerful Cut Ready machine. We’ll be demonstrating live during the show, and one can be part of it by helping to operate the Cut Center!

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