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TigerSPC Calipers – the new benchmark for Quality Control

 Friday, June 10, 2016

TigerstopIn an effort to help manufacturers dramatically improve quality control in metal, wood, and plastics extrusion processing, TigerStop has introduced TigerSPC, a configurable caliper set designed to make critical quality control measurements easy and affordable for parts as long as 16’. TigerSPC is accurate to +/- .006 in (.15 mm) and has snap-on jaws to easily accommodate end to end, miter to miter, hole to hole, hole to center and hole to end measurements without having to recalibrate.


TigerSPC is also available with an optional TigerStop table system for mounting the TigerSPC in various sizes from a working length of 4’ up to 16’ and the calipers can be equipped with a selection of both standard and custom attachments that allow it to be specifically configured for a manufacturer’s set of critical quality control measurements.
Features and Options:

Precision Measuring – All TigerSPC jaws and appliances are machined to insure the same zero point which means that no recalibration is needed for different set-ups.


Attachments – With easy to use snap in jaws for standard end to end, Miter Jaws for miter to end, Extension Face Blocks for half lap to tenon end, and Hole Pins, employees can change from holes to miters to overall measurements in seconds without losing calibration. The optional Swivel Block Attachment combines the ability to measure from hole center to hole center and it also swivels and allows operators to attach other jaw accessories without losing the reference point.


TigerSPC Software – Optional TigerSPC software logs measurement data from TigerSPC and allows you to export as a .csv file so you can import data to your other Statistical Process Control Programs.


Tablet Package – The tablet package runs the software on a Surface Pro which can be wirelessly connected to your network. You can display the log measurement data as you collect it.


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