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Titus Group will be exhibiting its latest hardware innovations for furniture at IWF 2014

 Monday, August 18, 2014

Titus_glissando-tl-170Visitors to the Titus stand will have the opportunity to experience the Titus innovative range of connectors designed according to the principle of ‘CAF-Consumer Assembly Friendliness’ as well as novelties from the growing range of furniture soft closing systems tuned to ‘Confident Close’, consumer preferred door closing action.


Titusoft Drawer, add-on damping system for drawer runners
Titusoft for wooden drawers is a universal add-on damping system for standard roller runners and ball bearing slides on frameless and framed cabinets. It is designed for user friendly assembly and a reliable performance throughout lifetime of the furniture. Intuitive installation and positioning above the drawer slide on the front side of the cabinet allows for simple, fast and precise mounting. The result is an improved user assembly process and reliable functioning. The Titus hydraulic drawer damper, the core component of Titusoft, ensures reliable and consistent performance with no bounce-back at any closing speed on different types of drawers. Installation requires no pre-drilling and can be made during the furniture assembly or later, when the furniture is already in use.


Titusoft Door, a universal damper for furniture doors
Titusoft door is a universal stand-alone damper for furniture doors with hinges. An easy ‘place&fix’ installation in the hinged side corner of the cabinet can be made during the furniture assembly or later, when the furniture is already in use. Damping force can be easily adjusted to assure a consistent performance on various types of doors. The soft closing action is tuned to consumer preferred ‘Confident Close’: the door closes fast, the deceleration action begins at a late point of door closing action and the closing is especially slow and soft in the last stage when the door leans against the cabinet side.


2nd Generation hinge with integrated damping ST-i2, Basic-i2
The 2nd Generation hinge with integrated damping, the Titus ST-i2 and Basic-i2, is designed to assure a ‘Confident Close’ which satisfies the furniture user requirements for a gentle, silent, fast and safe door closing. Its sleek design with hidden fixing screws enhance the look of the furniture. The design follows the concept of the proven Glissando add-on hinge soft closing system, widely recognised for its consistent and reliable damping action. An easily accessible adjustment button and an intuitive procedure of the damping adjustment, provide consistent soft closing on a variety of furniture doors. It is available for the whole range of ST ‘snap-on’ 110 hinges and Basic ‘slide-on’ 110 hinges, uses the standard ST and Basic mounting plates and requires no change to current drilling specifications.


Glissando TL 170 add-on hinge damper
The new Glissando TL add-on hinge damper for hinges with wide opening angle assures a life-long reliable performance and a ‘Confident Close’ of the furniture door: gentle, silent, fast and safe. The tool-free mounting enhances the user experience and facilitates its use. An easily accessible adjustment button and intuitive adjusting procedure of the damping action provides a consistent soft closing on a wide range of furniture doors. A detachment guard assures perfect attachment and secure functioning in the life-cycle of the product.
Titusoft door, Titusoft drawer, ST-i2, Basic-i2 and Glissando TL 170 are members of the growing Titus family of furniture soft closing solutions which includes add-on, stand-alone and integrated hinge damping solutions as well as universal damping systems for metal boxes and wooden drawers.

Titus Push Latch – a touch opening system
Titus Push Latch touch opening system assures an easy and effortless opening and closing of doors and drawers without handles. Designed to be used with standard hinges it allows for maximum efficiency and flexibility in use. Its discreet, non-handed design and ‘snap-on’ fixing to the mounting plate assures a simple and quick mounting procedure. The adjustment button that compensates for the door gap provides reliable closing and consistent performance of the door or drawer even in cases of inaccurate drilling.

Titus Fastfit, Technology for factory insertion of cams and dowels
Titus FastFit is a solution for factory insertion of cams and dowels, that reduces by 50% the time needed to assemble the cabinet carcass at home. With the Lama FastFit machine the standard Titus cam and Quickfit TL dowel can be inserted in furniture sides in the factory. Pre-inserted connectors considerably shorten the time needed to assemble furniture with less parts, an easier assembly procedure and less risk of missing parts. The technology for factory insertion of cams and dowels works with standard furniture boards. The machinery is of standard modular construction and can be fully integrated into the existing panel processing lines or used on a stand-alone basis. Consequently, installation can be highly flexible and tailored to specific customer needs in terms of type of connectors to be inserted, panel sizes and throughput rates.

Titus multi-purpose damping technology applied to ovens
After numerous applications in the Titus branded soft closing systems as well as in other furniture hardware applications, like drawers, drawer slides and sliding door systems, the Titus damper family has been enlarged with solutions appropriate for white goods. The latest innovation is conceived for damping objects with greater load. It can operate in the temperature range between -20 and +120°C and is especially appropriate for use on oven doors. Its progressive feature keeps the bounce-back to a minimum. Titus hydraulic damper delivers a life-long reliable and consistent damping action. Its modular design enables quick development of custom solutions for various applications in furniture hardware, white goods hardware and other house-hold applications.


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