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Tomas Joscak

 Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Dr Tomas Joscak, CEO of Dascanova , has spoken to us on various issues related to the company, financial strategies, its research and development of wood based panels and lot more.

What is Dascanova’s R&D working upon?

Dr Tomas Joscak: Due to the possibility of use the newly developed technology with almost every particle-based material, the Dascanova Company´s R&D team has developed many different concepts over the last year. Currently, the team has been working on two sub-projects – the first is the use of the technology with the MDF panels and the second one is dealing with a special distribution of modification agent. Moreover, a prototype of the MDF modification has been already running in the laboratories in Vienna since April 2012.

When can we expect the company to launch its next technology?

Dr Tomas Joscak: The goal is to start the industrial MDF modification during the year 2013. The next technology application will start probably in 2014.

What would be your financial strategy for this year?

Dr Tomas Joscak: In July 2012, the Dascanova Company received the next grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in total amount of app. 370.000 US$, which will completely cover the R&D activities in the MDF modification sub-project. Additionally, the Dascanova Company has been currently negotiating with potential investors from the wood-based panel sector.

How is Dascanova faring in Europe, Asia and Middle East respectively?

Dr Tomas Joscak: According to the last discussion and negotiations with potential partners, the first practical industrial implementation of the MDF panel using Dascanova Technology will be realised in European or South American factory. However, most of the interested companies operate globally.

What are your expectations from Ligna 2013?

Dr Tomas Joscak: Depending on the pilot project, the Ligna 2013 should increase the number of cooperated companies that are interested in lowering the raw material cost while the same quality and mechanical properties of the final product are guaranteed. Furthermore, the Dascanova Company will introduce a new method of modification to the professionals for the first time at the Ligna 2013 Exhibition.

Which are the other events where we can expect to see you?

Dr Tomas Joscak: After successful European presentations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and two presentations at the PELICE 2012 in Atlanta, GA and at the International Wood Composites Symposium 2012 in Seattle, WA, the Dascanova Technology will be introduced in New Zealand and Australia in October 2012.

What are your expectations from Ligna 2013?

Dr Tomas Joscak: The Dascanova Company will present the topic “The Dascanova Technology – A New European High-Tech Technology Integrating 3D Structures into Wood–Based Panels Production” in Melbourne, Australia on 10th October 2012 and in Rotorua, New Zealand on 16th October 2012.

What are your expectations from the partnership with Mendel University in Brno?

Dr Tomas Joscak: The Mendel University in Brno, as one of our research partners, has been working on the optimizing the density distribution inside the wood-based material. Their results will help us to offer to our customers an innovative product with a great benefit.

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