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Ultra-Shear launches efficient router bits

 Tuesday, October 31, 2023


Ultra-Shear introduces 3-Flute Ball Nose Bits for effective working. These are available in a range of sizes. Capable of handling detailed CNC projects, these are appropriate for router table and hand-held applications as well. The solid carbide 3-flute spiral design delivers smoother cuts, reduced chip load, lower feed resistance and 50% more cuts per inch than standard 2-flute bits. The company also offers 1/2″, 3/8″ and 5/16″ diameters in 1/2″ shank and 1/4″ and 3/16″ diameters in 1/4″ shank.

Three-dimensional CNC projects often revolve around a ball nose bit. The ball nose working tangent to both inside and outside curves delivers a perfect finish. It even needs minimal sanding. The bits can produce more detail with smaller diameter.

But CNCs aren’t the only applications where a Ball Nose works well. One can also use them in a hand-held router with a trammel attachment, edge guide or template guide bushing. Juice grooves in cutting boards, fluted molding, dimples for marble games and pencil grooves are just a few of the hundreds of cuts that can be executed efficiently with a Ball Nose.

Woodpeckers designs some of the most innovative and trendy tools that are very helpful for woodworkers working in a modern setup. Like various other well built products by Woodpeckers, the Ultra-Shear 3-Flute Ball Nose Bits are also made right in Strongsville, Ohio, facility just south of Cleveland. These are some of the most efficient American-made, cost effective bits that is directly delivered to the woodworkers for better assistance and help.

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