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USNR is bringing BlockLogix to IWF!

 Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BlockLogix_960x250BlockLogix is the latest advancement in lathe carriage optimization that captures the industry’s highest density block profile and yields more recovery. The system features a user-accessible PLC-based (ControlLogix) control system with open architecture.

BlockLogix lets you adjust motion control parameters, reset positioning, fine-tune offsets, and service it with industry standard parts all while enjoying proven benefits like 5-7% cycle time reduction, and 2-5% recovery boost over other systems.

BlockLogix uses ControlLogix, an industry standard in many regions. With this new system, the PLC control software is separate from the optimization architecture, making it much easier to adjust motion control functionality. And troubleshooting can usually be performed by your plant’s technical personnel.

BlockLogix optimization is based on the Windows platform, another industry standard. The redesigned and streamlined code makes it easier to adjust optimization parameters. And together with new, more powerful computer hardware, BlockLogix can process more data faster, allowing an increased number of computations before generating a solution.


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