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USNR launches world-class line of Timber and Log Processing systems

 Thursday, August 19, 2021

USNR has recently announced the launch of world-class line of Timber and Log Processing systems. For decades USNR provided advanced optimization and PLC controls technology for this sector of the wood processing industry, while the Söderhamn division has delivered complete debarking and log handling solutions. At the same time, the Mid-South Engineering division has provided complete stem bucking equipment and merchandiser systems, consulting engineering and construction management services for the industry for timber and log yard systems.

USNR is commited to leading the global push for advancing and applying technologies to continuously improve the wood processing sector, for fiber recovery, value amplification, optimum performance, and cost effectiveness.

The line of Timber and Log Processing systems is available in a variety of configurations to suit every operation, every production targets, and every budget.

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