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VOLLMER launches digital solution V@dison with Industry 4.0

 Saturday, March 2, 2019

VOLLMER copySharpening specialist VOLLMER is set to introduce V@dison and upgrade the digital networking system between the user and the grinding as well as eroding machines. With V@dison, VOLLMER enters the Industry 4.0 revolution and introduces four key concepts in the digital services, namely V@screen, V@check, V@guide and V@boost.
After supporting the wood industry with cutting tools like circular saws, rotary tools and metal cutting, VOLLMER now enters the IoT based digital solution with the innovative grinding and eroding machines. The “dison” in V@dison stands for “digital solutions”.



V@ screen: Making data visible and visualizing upgrading processes

V@ screen is the IoT-based recording and visualisation which provides information about the present use of sharpening machines, and identify key machine conditions and detect manufacturing defects at an early stage. The high level of machine transparency enhances performance efficiency.



V@ check: upgrading tools

With innovative software solutions today, production units are capable of optimizing their manufacturing process and reduce material losses. V@ check area enables the VOLLMER in managing machine data and conducting analysis in a systematic way. for example, it is used to detect correlations from material use, tool quality and production time. In such an Industry 4.0 environment, tool manufacturers can reduce downtimes, improve their design and manufacturing processes, and set the course for future tool developments.



V@ boost: accelerating expanding functions

V@ boost, VOLLMER supports special, and extra software tools that may be used to optimize the machine with regard to workpieces



V@ guide: Identifying faults before they occur
The digitalization strategy from VOLLMER is rounded off by a service package that supports predictive maintenance.



“With V@dison, we have opted for a digital strategy that we want to drive forward together with our customers and partners,” Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. “This is about meaningful and efficient networking of our machines via different IoT platforms in order to improve manufacturing processes and to give new momentum within tool development.” Dr. Stefan concluded.




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