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Ways of improving wood finishing from Graco

 Thursday, January 6, 2022

Image of PerformAA spray gun coating wood cabinets goes with finishing webinar landing page titled 4 Easy Ways to Improve Wood Finish Quality

Graco introduces high quality products to offer excellent wood finishing at faster speed and with less maintenance. Wood shops of all sizes are facing intense pressure. Even tiny flaws can compromise an entire project, leading to costly rework, wasted material, and poor consumer ratings. Fortunately, there are feasible ways to improve the complex, challenging finishing process.

Key products that are capable of providing finest results include, Air Spray Guns, Air –Assisted Airless Spray Guns, Airless Spray Guns.

Today’s finishers are knowledgeable, with a vast array of tools and technologies to deliver coatings that enhance the look and feel of wood, while adding critical protection to preserve furniture for decades. It has taken a commitment to the craft to bring the repeatable finish quality we see today – and the industry is always on a quest for more, better and even easier ways to finish.

“You’re facing intense pressures to improve. Margins are slimmer. Homeowners are more demanding. And unpredictable lumber prices have changed the types of wood used. Any perceptual flaws compromise the entire project, leading to costly rework, discarded lumber and customer dissatisfaction.”

4 Easy ways to improve finish quality

Fortunately, there are a few simple, easy-to-implement ways to improve the complex, challenging finishing process:

Finishing equipment manufacturers introduce new technologies in direct response to what they’re hearing from top wood shops, cabinet makers and furniture suppliers.

New technology helps today’s professionals produce higher quality, at faster speeds, with less maintenance. It’s simply the next evolution for an industry that’s long sought to turn flawless perfection into an art form.    

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