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Weyerhaeuser and Denbury unite for CO2 sequestration

 Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Weyerhaeuser Company and Denbury Inc, recently published an agreement for the assessment and prospective development of a CO2 sequestration site in Mississippi. The leasing arrangement gives Denbury the sole authority to create and manage roughly 16,000 acres of subsurface pore space controlled by Weyerhaeuser in the Mississippi counties of Simpson and Copiah. The site is 35 miles south of the company’s Jackson Dome field in Mississippi, and next to Denbury’s NEJD Pipeline. Denbury intends to use the location to safeguard subterranean geologic formations and permanently sequester industrial CO2. The timberland area will continue to be managed by Weyerhaeuser as a sustainable working forest.

Most reliable and efficient CO2 transportation

Denbury mentions that the location will have a total CO2 sequestration capability of about 275 million metric tonnes. The area adds to Denbury’s storage portfolio, which currently includes sites throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. It is the company’s first planned CO2 sequestration location in Mississippi. In order to advance its Class VI permitting with the EPA and support the company’s geology interpretation, Denbury plans to drill a stratigraphic test well on the property in 2023.

Nik Wood, Denbury’s Senior Vice President, CCUS, commented, “Our agreement with Weyerhaeuser is a significant step in building out the Gulf Coast’s leading CO2 transportation and sequestration network. The location of this Mississippi site, directly adjacent to our existing pipeline network, provides for a very efficient development and increases the overall flexibility and capacity of our operations. We now have the pathways to move industrial-sourced CO2 from the Mississippi River Industrial corridor north on our NEJD pipeline, west on our Green Pipeline, and east to our previously announced planned storage in southeast Louisiana. We look forward to working with Weyerhaeuser as we develop the safest, most reliable and efficient CO2 transportation and storage system in the Gulf Coast.”

The lease deal exhibits Weyerhaeuser’s ongoing development of its previously announced intention to expand its Natural Climate Solutions business through carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), forest carbon offsets, the development of renewable energy sources, mitigation strategies, and conservation. Weyerhaeuser has used exclusive geological data covering its properties to identify numerous areas for prospective sequestration projects over a portion of its 7 million-acre footprint in the U.S. South.

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