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Wood Manufacturing Council of Canada revises National Occupational Standards

 Thursday, July 21, 2016

WMC logoThe Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) is pleased to announce the release of its newly revised National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Value-Added Wood Products (AWP) sector. The four standards provide industry benchmarks that identify the skills and knowledge needed to successfully perform four common industry occupations.



The four occupations included in the update are Machine Operator, Assembler, Finisher and Supervisor. These positions had been previously identified by stakeholders as key sector occupations, and the work to update the standards builds upon the extensive consultation with industry and educators from their original development. The accompanying Employers Guide outlines how to use the NOS most effectively.

NOS define tasks, sub-tasks and supporting knowledge and abilities needed to perform competently at these occupations. They provide employers with the basis for performance assessment, and support educators in their curriculum development efforts. They are designed to be valuable when creating job descriptions and to support cross training and succession planning activities. They are useful tools for current and prospective employees when they assess their personal professional development, by providing a detailed description of the qualifications required to gain employment and advance in the industry.

The NOS update is one part out of a two-part project. The second component of this initiative is an updated Labour Market Information study that identifies Human Resource challenges in both the short and long term and makes strategic suggestions to be incorporated into the development of Human Resource programs to ensure the healthy growth and development of the sector. This project was funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

The Wood Manufacturing Council is a National Sector Council that collaborates with industry, educators, trade associations and governments to implement human resource solutions to ensure the success of the AWP sector in Canada. WMC works to identify the necessary skills and knowledge required to address key issues affecting the Advanced Wood Processing sector in Canada and develop and implement strategies to combat these challenges for the future success of the industry.

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