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WoodTech’s “Touch ‘N Cut” technology to be launched IWF 2022

 Thursday, July 28, 2022

The TruCut is a software driven cutting optimisation an automation system that can retro-fit onto all modern panel / table saws from WoodTech. Touch screen control assists the operator for the greatest ease in processing any complexity of cutting. The clean interface design is easily observed even when the operator is not standing close up to the screen. The process can then be easily followed and understood.

The TruCut, as the state of the art panel saw cutting system can be built to various modular levels, starting with an app on your own Android tablet, through to a full automation mechanism that includes the rip fence and the cross-cut fence.

TechnoShop, the optimising and cabinet breakdown software can also be included. Over and above the CNC automated mode, the operator can use the panel saw in manual mode for single cuts or input multi-cuts directly on the touch screen monitor.

“Touch ’n Cut” Technology:

The software resolves all cutting issues and provides:

– Board optimization

– Optimal cut by cut calculations with visual guidance

– Software automation through to mechanical automation in one system

– Hands free operation – only a touch of the screen resolves the next required cut

– Uniquely designed to fit most modern panel / table saws, new as well as used machines

– A paperless process

Modular Breakdown

-Trucut Software (load to your own Android tablet)

-Trucut tablet (dedicated)

-Trucut bluetooth breakout board

-Trucut full control panel

-Trucut rip fence mechanics

-Trucut cross fence mechanics

-Technoshop optimise

-Technoshop cabinet breakdown

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