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Woodworks organizes a WEBINAR on Mass Timber Framing System

 Wednesday, January 10, 2018

FRA-411_WW-WoodProductCouncil_LogoStudyWoodwork has organized a WEBINAR based on Structural Design of Mass Timber Framing System today at 12.00 pm.


Mass timber structural framing systems have high strength-to-weight ratios, are dimensionally stable, and are quickly becoming systems of choice for sustainably-minded designers. This presentation has provided a detailed look at the structural design processes associated with a variety of mass timber products, including glulam, CLT, and NLT.


Applications for the use of these products in gravity force-resisting systems under modern building codes were also discussed. Other technical topics were include use of mass timber panels as two-way spanning slabs, connection options and design considerations, and detailing and construction best practices.


The guest speaker of the WEBINAR was: Tanya Luthi, Fast + Epp

Tanya Luthi is a licensed Professional Engineer and an Associate at the structural engineering firm, Fast + Epp. Although fluent with all structural materials, Fast + Epp is known for projects that incorporate a significant amount of timber.


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