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Alvic USA welcomes new CEO

 Friday, February 25, 2022

Alvic USA, a manufacturer of cabinet doors and panels for residential and commercial projects, appointed Tobias Pagel as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“I am honored to serve as the first CEO of Alvic USA,” said Pagel. “Our organization is well poised for further growth taking advantage of our U.S. manufacturing base while providing the best of design for an American market with a very attractive value proposition. As we look to the future, we will continue our focus on serving our customers through innovation, quality, and operational excellence.”

Prior to joining Alvic USA, Pagel held numerous executive positions in the construction materials, logistics, and heavy equipment training industries. He also started his own company. Pagel, who was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, has studied and worked in Germany, England, France, Mexico, and Canada. He has lived in the United States since 2011 and currently resides with his wife and children in Tampa, Florida. His experience with several international markets will further the Alvic USA brand as it grows alongside its Spanish parent company, Grupo Alvic

Alvic USA offers fabricators, designers, and architects an industry-leading collection of colors and finishes that sets trends across a wide variety of applications. Alvic USA offers both panel products and door components in Luxe high-gloss lacquer, Syncron naturally inspired texture and Zenit supermatt finishes.

Alvic is an award-winning manufacturer of cabinetry and furniture panels for residential and commercial projects. Since its founding in 1965, innovation has been our focus and way forward in our 50 plus years of history. Our products have helped to improve the quality, competitiveness, and versatility in the furniture industry, like with interior design projects. Our continuous innovation has been made possible thanks to an ongoing policy of reinvesting our profits back into the company. This reinvestment in our products and processes provides the company with the most advanced technology.

The demand for high-gloss, European design boards continues to grow in North America, and ALVIC expanded to the US in order to help in meeting this demand. Alvic recently opened a new manufacturing plant in the U.S. using the same patented technology with European style color and texture trends. Our new facility has 350,000 square feet of space and is located in Central Florida. This latest facility will play an important role in growing our presence in the North American market as our commitment to our customers goes hand in hand with the continued growth in the demand for our products.

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