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Batimat Expovivenda
Date: June 04-07, 2014
Organizer: Batimat Expovivenda
Venue: Buenes Aires, Argentina
Conference & Expo
Date: Jul 29- Aug 1, 2014
Organizer: BTS Informa
Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: Aug 20-23, 2014
Organizer: BTS Informa
Venue: Atlanta, Georgia

Jason Watts

Sapele wood resembles the exotic Mahogany in many ways and with interlocked grains which changes directions in irregular intervals, the wood type has stolen the hearts of many woodworkers around the globe. Jason Watts of Watts Wood Products is one such woodworker and in an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel USA, Watts explains how the specific wood type contributed to both large and small scale projects across United States.